Sunday, March 11, 2012

Choose ease

“Do you need to maintain the idea that life is a struggle?  Let go of the belief that life is hard.  Life is joy! Life is inherent ease.”    Gael Chiarella

In a recent team meeting I was assigned a project, a  simple task  that I could certainly handle, but being the adrenaline junky that I am my first reaction was to freak out.  My mind immediately convinced me that it was going to be hard.  How am I going to get this done?  Am I capable of doing this task?  Where do I even start?  Do I have enough time?   My body confirmed that I must certainly be fleeing from a tiger as my throat constricted, my stomach was in knots and my breathing became shallow. 
Our culture has a very popular belief that working hard is the only way to get what you want in life, and many of us equate working hard with stress.  Quotes like “no pain=no gain” or “there is no substitute for hard work” convince us that life is tough.  Even Pope Paul the VI said “life demands struggle”. 

I came upon the realization that my very first instinct is always to panic after listening to a simple guided mediation by Gail Chiarella who states that “ new energy can emerge from a state of ease.”  Energy! Not weariness or burden.  Not exhaustion or fatigue.  Not fear or nervousness.  New energy emerges from choosing ease and that becomes our fuel for life!
So, my mantra for March is to choose ease.  I’ll choose ease while running, knowing that I am a smooth, efficient and capable runner.  I will stand up tall, unclench my mouth, relax my shoulders and let my legs fly. 
I’ll choose ease at work, expecting great success from myself and those that I work with.  I’ll base my fortune on my relationships with people, and  know that help will be provided to me as needed. 
I’ll choose ease at home by enjoying my family for the funny, quirky and caring people that they are, and by taking things one moment at a time.    

It's so lightening to understand that the universe is not plotting against me with writhing hands, but instead cheering me on.  I choose ease because life should be fun, and we should be happy.