Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet sorrow

"Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one." - C.S. Lewis

A couple of years ago, a friend from Run On! came to me with the proposition that we invite members from The Bridge homeless shelter to train with our running classes and participate in the Help the Homeless race. As I talked and ran with the members of the group, all stereotypes that I had of the homeless were blown out of the water. They were people just like me; but tougher, and stronger, and more resilient. I learned to love unconditionally, and they learned to trust us.  

It was a blessing to see the men and women light up when they ran, and their confidence grew with each step. That's when I began researching Back on My Feet, and asked them to come to Dallas. 
I believe in the mission of Back on My Feet. Through running I have achieved things I once thought impossible, and I have had the blessing of watching our Members gain power as they begin to achieve their goals. I have truly enjoyed everything about working for Back on My Feet, so it is with mixed emotions that I announce to you that I am resigning from the Program Coordinator position to go back to teaching; a decision that is best for me and my family at this time. 

The Back on My Feet staff are true angels, and I appreciate everything I have learned from them, and their unconditional love and acceptance for all people. I would say that I will miss them dearly- but I'm not really going anywhere, as I plan to continue to volunteer and continue to push the Residential Members as I know they are capable! 

I truly appreciate you all, it is because of you and Back on My Feet that a vision I had for the running community in Dallas is a complete success. 

A big BoMF hug to you all-