Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Birds Aren't Meant to be Caged

"You were only waiting for this moment to arrive...."
Blackbird- The Beatles

It's funny how I out flew out of one cage right into another. 
Yes, the new cage was shiny and promising, but it attracted other fowl and soon became crowded.
I was kicked out of the nest. 

Heading out solo on the Western States trails for training weekend was a true blessing in disguise.
From the time my feet hit the legendary soil the heaviness in my chest dissipated, and I began to breathe easily again.  The ethereal beauty of every mile filled me with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the strong body that moved me through this perfect space- at this perfect time.  With each climb my confident soul knocked at my heart space, and I let it in.  With each thrilling decent I allowed my childish spirit to play.  I breathed in the light and peace of other like minded tribe members, accepting their energy like a vacuum.  And God showed me love. 

In Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, Stephen King tells us that "Some birds are not meant to be caged.  Their feathers are too bright and their songs are too sweet and wild." 
Flying again, I found the love I'd lost in me.
There's no turning back now, the bold taste of freedom is too strong.  Too tempting.   
Wait until you see how big my brave is. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's time to start doing the things you love.

"All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a feeling I'm not the only one
All I wanna do is have some fun
Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard"

Sheryl Crow

Being raised on a farm, I grew up knowing what work was.  Words like chores, study and practice turned me into the workaholic of my 20s.
In my 30's, words like training, dedication and persistence entered my vocabulary, making me the athlete that I am today.  
In a month I turn 43, and there are new words that turn me on.  Words like fun, happiness, love, dancing, singing, and smiling.   I've found that I am happiest when I am out PLAYING. 

So I've given myself a challenge.  Over the next 3 summer months, I will find somewhere to go play at least once a week, and then blog about it so you can see how the adventure unfolds.  My kids and I will eat our way through the farmers market and wobble on ice skates.  I'll drag some friends to go dancing or maybe even skydiving (omg!).   And being single, I'll learn to appreciate my own company at the art museum or finding treasures on hidden trails. 

I'll post my calendar soon so you can join me if you want, or feel free to send me your ideas of some fun things to do at

Life is short.  Let's go out and start creating memories. 
Come play with me!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Come play with me!

"Let the hours roll by
Doing nothing for the fun
Little taste of the good life
Whether right or wrong
Makes us want to stay, stay, stay
For awhile "

Dave Matthews

Big brown eyes peer through magnifying glasses.  Hesitantly, the children finger through the pond scum, trying to identify the mysterious creatures dwelling there.  Excited energy sifts in the air as they squeal with excitement at each new discovery.  I watch in amazement.  My class, engrossed and delighted- yet calm.  It was the happiest I have seen my them all year. 

You see, we spend every other day imprisoned in a boxed portable with 3 windows.  Trapped for 6 hours we stare like zombies at the 4 walls that suffocate us. Yes, we dance there and try to play games, but there is nothing that compares to being OUTSIDE.

You can't compete with fresh air, getting your hands dirty or dancing in the rain.  There is nothing like running through the woods or the feeling the sun kiss your shoulders as you bike through cattle fields.  Its impossible to replicate the accomplishment of climbing Chinscraper Summit; or taking on that dare and jumping off the cliff into the cold water below.

It's time for us to get out America!  To try new things and see new places.  Whether its jumping out of airplanes or finding out what seaweed tastes like.   Experiencing  white water rafting  or crossing the Grand Canyon on foot.  Doing your first half ironman or picnicking in a new park .  There is so much more to life than email and Facebook!  It's time to start living!

Let's  start making connections with our world, with each other, with our maker. 
Adventure is calling.  Wanna come play with me?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Look where you're going dodo head!

"That path is for 
your steps alone."
Grateful Dead

Today while running trails I kept tripping, and even fell once.  Feeling annoyed, I sat down on a log and cried.
Yes.  I did.  A blubbering "why does this shit keep happening to me" kind of cry.
And the answer I got was "because you're breaking the number one rule of trail running.  You're looking at all of the obstacles instead of focusing on the best place to plant your foot.  Therefore you're stumbling."

It was an Oprah "aha" moment for me, (the clouds opened up and the angels  from Heaven sang "Hallelujah")  I've been pretty much obsessing about everything that is wrong in my life right now, and we all know that the law of attraction clearly states that what you think is what you draw more of  to you.  Stinking thinking draws more shit.

It's  certainly not easy just to change your mindset, but I've found that expressing gratitude and living in the moment can be powerful voices of change.  In addition, I'm practicing sending love.
To everyone.  Even the kid at school who I blame daily for my grey hair. 

Being loving attracts love
Feeling joyful is a happiness magnet
Peace allows for peace of mind.
Confidence brings strength
Thanksgiving brings prosperity.

Getting back on the right path.  Can't wait to see where it leads.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Efficient Living- no sweat.

"Once in a while you get shown the light
In the strangest of places if you look at it right."

The Grateful Dead

As athletes, we strive to use our energy wisely, minimizing the amount of waste or unnecessary effort.  Swimmers glide through the water by concentrating on body position and stroke.
Improved pedal cadence can transform your cycling, and runners do form drills so they can move forward gracefully and effectively.
Efficiency is key to the success of an athlete.

A jillion thoughts always come and go as I swim, but today as I was concentrating on working with the water instead of fighting against it, it occurred to me that lately I haven't been training efficiently for life. I've allowed  junk thoughts and unnecessary worry to permeate my day to day, zapping energy that affects my performance.

It's time to live more efficiently, and for me that means living as Brene' Brown would say, "Wholeheartedly." 
More passion- less waiting
More feeling- less numbing
More connection- less withdrawal
More ease- and less struggle.
More patience- less agitation
More confidence- and less doubt.

I always read my Daily OM Horoscope- not because I think it will predict how my day will be laid out, but more so because it always has great insight for any day.  Today's entry stated.  "Our lives will unfold as they will.  A measure of the joy of being lies in watching how the journey presents itself.  Be patient- everything that you once worried about will fall into place."

Living with more faith and less worry.
No sweat.