Sunday, December 4, 2016

On Recovery

"RECOVERY:  A return to a normal state of health, mind or strength."
the Oxford Dictionary

The air was chilly, and the trails a bit damp
but the leaves showed how lovely it is to let dead things go.

And both the running and the conversation felt free and longer forced. 
And the ache that once lived in my chest from trying to bulldoze through things not meant for me has given up; turned around and walked away.
The scars on my knee are fading, and my ankle supports my lighter weight. 

Bravely starting to pick up the pace, taking more chances,  jumping over hurdles....... I understand that life gave me the break I needed.

Smiling, I know I'm fully recovered. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stop wishing. Start DOING

"If you can run 100 miles, you can do anything."
Jennifer Kimble...when facing fear

Living in fear is the same as living in hell. 

Let's say there is something you really want to accomplish- you're even confident that you COULD do it.....but fear whispers  "honey, you're not good enough." 
So for one second you become that defiant  toddler who asks "well why the hell not?" 
But fear, the dictatorial parent that it is put's it's hand in your face and says "don't even try."

So, you settle into acceptance.  Into that monotonous job that is just ok, or that questionable relationship that isn't quite right, or even worse for mediocrity.

But down deep you keep wishing for success. 
For financial security and freedom from worries.
For happiness and satisfaction.
To do more for those who depend on you. 
For finish lines.  For winning. 
For beautiful places and adventure and fun. 
For admiration and leadership. 
For no bullshit. 
For friendship and love. 

So, let's say one day someone comes along that convinces you that the fairy tale is real. That it belongs to YOU and you  DESERVE it. 
So you work a little harder, becoming more confident each day
And you stop wishing and you start doing.
And when the baby steps start adding up......
Action obliterates fear.
And things start CHANGING!
You find yourself smiling more often, so much so that success snowballs into genuine happiness. 

Hell is for non-believers.
Do what you fear, and fear disappears.
For real.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

When You're Happy and You Know It.....

"When you're happy and you know it,
then you're face will surely show it."
Folk song

When you're happy and you know it.....
There are more crinkled smiles
More hello kisses than drive-away goodbyes
More comfortable conversations
More appreciations. 

When you're happy and you know it
There is more abundance.
There are more yeses.... and less maybes.
You have more energy
and more security.

When you're happy and you know it
life is easy
and comfortable
and peaceful. 

When you're happy and you know it
For God's sake.......sing it out loud
and clap your hands. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

'Cause Life is Short but Sweet for Certain.......

"Celebrate we will
'Cause life is short but sweet for certain.
We're climbing two by two to be sure these days continue.
These days we cannot change."
Dave Matthews

"The meaning and purpose of life is for you to become the best version of yourself."
This simple, yet profound statement from Matthew Kelly's The Rhythm of Life has completely changed my life. 

So many times when feeling lost I have questioned, "Is this the place where I'm supposed to be?   Why did that have to happen?  Am I serving my purpose?" 
But according to Kelly, God's dream for you is to become the best version of yourself. 
That's it! 

So, about 3 months ago I decided that everyday I would set my intention on being the best version of myself as the day's events unfolded.  Taking one moment at a time, I began to concentrate wholeheartedly on my words, my actions, my thoughts, my reactions.....and asked myself if I was truly being the best version of myself in each moment. 
Sometimes the best version of myself needed to eat, exercise or take a nap. 
Sometimes the best version of myself needed to really listen, or be a friend. 
Sometimes the best version of myself needed to meditate or chill.
Sometimes the best version of myself needed to dig deeper at work.
And sometimes the best version of myself meant choosing love over fear. 

And wow-  things have changed. 
I made the decision that mediocrity was unacceptable in my relationships and at work, allowing me to flourish.
I learned to treat my body with respect, to take lunch breaks and days off.   To better listen for when to push and when to back off.  To love the skin that holds my soul.
I've apologized.  I  made the phone call that needed to be made 3 years ago.  I ask more questions, and I've reached goals once thought unattainable. 

It makes perfect sense.  You no longer need to wander around aimlessly! 
Every day, every hour, every minute mindfulness can lead to the discovery of who we are. 
In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life."  You were born to become the best version of yourself.
Celebrate.  For life is short but sweet for certain........

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You had the power all along......

"In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."  

Some things just weren't meant to be.

I've always thought that if I worked enough, loved enough, or gave enough that I could make a square peg  fit into a round hole.  Relationships, jobs, people, places....they come in and out of your story on a daily basis.  But sometimes we get stuck on the same chapter- therefore never finishing the book.

When I let go of the characters, settings, plots and conflicts that no longer served me, moving on to the next chapter became effortless.   I've literally watched my amazing story unfold with infinite possibility.

I more easily love.
Because I am no longer filled with uncertainty or anxiety I have more to give to my family, my clients, work and writing.  As I am fulfilled, my wish is that all persons understand their infinite potential.   As my energy surges, I smile with ease, my heart bursts, my adoration grows.
There is less jealously, hurt and egocentricity.
More love means more LIFE!

My spirit is has become gentle.
I find balance and control in my everyday routine.  I strive to live simply, leaving a small footprint every where I go. My heart is soft and more compassionate. My life is positive and satisfying.
Its easier to lift others up, to have grace, to forgive.
For the first time in a very long time, I feel peace in both movement and stillness.
I waltz with grace, and rock with awe.

My life has changed for the better.
The drama has been replaced with a romantic comedy.
The satire has become an homage.

You are in control of your story.  Know that.  BELIEVE that.
For as the good witch told Dorothy at the end of a beautiful story called the Wizard of Oz:
"You had the power all along my dear."
You just had to find it out for yourself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Gratitude

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you',
that would suffice."
Meister Eukhart

Dear God-
Thank you . 

For those who make us smile, and our souls dance. 
For happily ever after, and fearless love. 

For lists, agendas and bills paid. 
For busy and complicated; for hurry up and wait. 

For chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles, bad jokes and karaoke.
For football games, and picnics and bonfires on the beach.

For persistence and endurance
For uncertainty and faith. 

For packing, for the journey, for adventure.
For hikes through crunchy leaves, bold Cabernets and Patagonia vests.

For Serenity.
For Freedom.
For dog breath. 

For children, and lovers
co-workers and best friends.

For this life, my life-
Thank you God.

Friday, October 7, 2016

What is your genius?

"You see, I believe that we are all capable of doing one thing better than any other person alive at this time in history."
Matthew Kelly

What is your genius? 
Do you know?  Are you too humble to say? 
Or maybe you are afraid that you are powerful beyond belief? 

I have a friend who is a genius at making everyone feel special.  She listens-  REALLY listens, and makes you believe that you are significant.  That you MATTER. 

Another friend is a genius at staying present.  He lives every day aware and with gratitude.  He knows that we live in a wonderful world, and that each moment is just as it should be.

I have a friend who is welcoming.  He takes pictures with everyone he runs with, and posts them on Facebook each week.  He never forgets a birthday.  You know when you are around him that he will accept you exactly as you are.  His love for humanity is endearing. 

Another friend is magic.  He shows you your power.  He pushes you to be your best, and accepts nothing less.  He is encouraging and loving.  He talks as much as he listens.  He believes in you, and thinks you are beautiful inside and out.

And there is that friend that is always there.  She's been through your shit with you, but she never questioned the choices you made.  She showed up- every single day, and she always texts to make sure you are ok. She doesn't judge or try to change you, she just loves. 

I know a school teacher who is a genius.  The kids hang on to her every word.  They participate in classroom activities with excited smiles on their faces.  They love her.  They would do anything for her.  They enjoy learning every single day. 

And I am a genius at inspiring others. I remind you who you are and what you are capable of.  I will climb the highest mountain or jump out of an airplane for you.  I work hard, but have fun.  I try new things, set new goals and put myself out there. I believe you can do or have anything that your heart desires, and I'll show you the way.  I am passionate for adventure and want you to be the best version of yourself every day. I learn from the life that I live, and in turn love the life I live.

Matthew Kelly says you'll know you've found your genius when "you experience feelings of joy and timelessness."  You'll be in the flow.  You'll be happy.  You'll be rocking it!

Come on- you know what your genius is!
Now live to be the best version of yourself. 
Amazing is not reserved for others.