Saturday, May 10, 2014

Look where you're going dodo head!

"That path is for 
your steps alone."
Grateful Dead

Today while running trails I kept tripping, and even fell once.  Feeling annoyed, I sat down on a log and cried.
Yes.  I did.  A blubbering "why does this shit keep happening to me" kind of cry.
And the answer I got was "because you're breaking the number one rule of trail running.  You're looking at all of the obstacles instead of focusing on the best place to plant your foot.  Therefore you're stumbling."

It was an Oprah "aha" moment for me, (the clouds opened up and the angels  from Heaven sang "Hallelujah")  I've been pretty much obsessing about everything that is wrong in my life right now, and we all know that the law of attraction clearly states that what you think is what you draw more of  to you.  Stinking thinking draws more shit.

It's  certainly not easy just to change your mindset, but I've found that expressing gratitude and living in the moment can be powerful voices of change.  In addition, I'm practicing sending love.
To everyone.  Even the kid at school who I blame daily for my grey hair. 

Being loving attracts love
Feeling joyful is a happiness magnet
Peace allows for peace of mind.
Confidence brings strength
Thanksgiving brings prosperity.

Getting back on the right path.  Can't wait to see where it leads.

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