Sunday, October 16, 2011

Defining Moments

"No, you can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need. "
The Rolling Stones

Sometimes I have to be reminded that running is my hobby, not my all-encompassing being.  A humbling race shook me awake this weekend. 

As I started loop 3 (18 miles into the race) the temps were in the 80’s, my IPOD died, and my stomach was going south.  I gagged down a raspberry chocolate GU and headed out of the aid station with heavy legs.  I tried to keep up the 11 min goal pace that I carried through the first two loops, but then I did it- I decided to let go.   I made the correct decision right?  I would slow down and enjoy the rest of the ride.  I would take in the scenery and enjoy the company of those around me.
But I didn't do that.   I beat myself up for the rest of the race, and into the next evening. 

I lay in bed the night after the race playing the day’s scenario over and over in my mind when I remembered what my coach Mike told me after a particularly disappointing Boston Marathon a few years ago.  “You are not defined by your running- you are defined by who you are as a person.”   It’s just like Mike to keep reminding me of what really is important.  J
So, it is with gratitude that I remember the beauty of the red rock, appreciate my 2nd place masters finish, and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of all of my friends. 

For me, I’m going to take it easy this week.  I’m going to rest, recover and take some time to redefine myself as a person, not just a runner. 


  1. That Coach Mike is a smart dude. I very much needed to hear that message after my DNF yesterday. Luckily I am surrounded by friends who already told me that but it never hurts to be reminded of it. Congrats on 2nd masters out there. Looking forward to seeing you again on the trails.

  2. You are in very good shape, then, Coach Jenn because you are a very good person.

  3. I like the topic of your post. Defining Moments. I also 'like' that you admit that you couldn't enjoy the rest of your run although you wanted to let go and just run it in and finish. I find it very difficult to be so mature to enjoy racing, not worry about time and finishing well. "Enjoy your race and most of all have fun" - that always makes me cringe a little. I guess you and I need to keep working on that :). Sometimes it just major league sucks not to be able to do what we wanted to do and what we thought we were prepared for. I like your honesty! Defining moments as a runner are defining moments of the person. You are one and the same.