Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drinking the passion-flavored kool aid (or why I am going to work for Back on My Feet)

“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived?  Find your passion, whatever it may be.  Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you, BECAUSE of you”
T.  Alan Armstrong

Ten years ago I found myself living on the adrenaline of chaos.   The musician/teacher me who found energy by making learning fun had hit the road, and was replaced by the drained and weary “mommy me”.  My conversations with friends focused on poop, puke, sleeplessness and tears; fun stuff.  I lost all sense of self by pouring every ounce of energy that I had into my 20 month old and new baby. 

Your life changes when you find your passion.  At first running was a way to lose weight and escape from Babyville, but it soon became my meditation and healing.  I got faster, ran farther and became fearless.  I was hanging out with strong and confident people, and soon I was drinking that Kool-aid.   It was after my first 100 mile race that I learned about Anne Mahlum of Back on My Feet.

 I was approached with the idea of having a few residents of The Bridge; a local homeless shelter, join the Run On! classes.  I must admit that at first I was skeptical, but feeling invincible after  breaking 24 hours at Rocky Raccoon 100, I agreed.  I certainly did not realize at the time that the universe was offering up another gift to me. 

My heart was opened from the very first “fitting day”.  The team members trained for 6 weeks, and when we all crossed the 5K finish line with big, goofy smiles on our faces, I knew that we needed Back on my Feet in Dallas.  A year and a half later, I found myself circled up at Main Street Park for the first mile run of BOMF-DFW. 

Back on My Feet gives hugs, not handouts.  We work as a team and community to support, love, and help each other.  We are strong and confident people, changing perceptions and building trusting relationships.   

I joined Back on My Feet to share my love for running, but found what my spirit yearns for most is to love people-all different kinds of people.    I am so thankful that running has taken me where I needed to be most.  I’m not getting faster, or running farther…but I’ve found a life changing passion. 
Are you ready to drink the Kool-aid? 


  1. Keep pouring the Kool-aid, Jenn. Even if they only drink half a glass, the glass can be re-filled many times.

    Best wishes on your new journey.

  2. I see another powerful passion for writing Dear Heart. You have wonderful talent. As the saying goes....write about what you love and you can't go wrong. You have that DOWN!

    Keep your wonderful Heart and Soul Light shining brightly so that the dark will never find it's way in. You are a True Beacon of Love and Light in this world!