Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 10 Life Lessons Learned During the Cactus Rose 100

“Every rose has its thorn.
Just like every night has its dawn.
Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.
Every rose has its thorn.”    Poison

Top ten life lessons learned during the Cactus Rose 100:
1.        Starting a new adventure is both exciting and scary.  Do it.
2.       Enjoy the conga line at the start when you are surrounded by others.  Later you may be very alone. 
3.       The journey is a long one, take time to enjoy the scenery.
4.       There is no need for jealousy or envy.  No matter how fast, or beautiful, funny or talented the other runners are; everyone must face the sotol .
5.       Take care of the little issues before they become big ones.
6.       When you are sitting in the porta- potty at mile 85 bawling your eyes out…you eventually have to get up, wipe your ass off, and move on. 
7.       It doesn’t always get worse.  Little orphan Annie was right, the sun WILL come up tomorrow to light your way.
8.       You are stronger than you know.
9.       The people that you need in your life will show up for you at just the right moment.
10.   Never underestimate the power of coffee. 


  1. Great post Jen, congratulations and thank you for being an inspiration.

  2. you made it seem easy. each time i signed the log at each aid station i looked for your name and you were waaaaaayyyyy ahead. great job.

  3. Wow, what profound thoughts. Thanks, for sharing them, Jenn.

    Jay N

  4. My eyes are leaking, seriously, over #6,7,8, and 9. So very true. - Logan

  5. I cried in every 100 I ever ran... but never in a porta-potty. I was always thrilled in there... Amazing how bodily functions can be a thrill at 80 miles!!! Good stuff Jennifer!