Friday, July 10, 2015

You get me high........

"I remember feeling this way
You can lose it without knowing
You wake up and you don't know which way
The wind is blowing

Ohhh ohhh, you get me high
You get me high
You give me something so deep
You get me high" 

Tom Petty

Today I felt like I was fucking losing my mind.  I'm not really sure how it happened.
Yesterday was all sunshine and pansies, but today I wanted to crawl out of my existence.
Over nothing.  (Well, a few bills and some tough love- but basically nothing).
Anxiety is a son of a bitch.

And then I went running.  Just 30 min at Arbor Hills trail while my girls played on the playground- and it all melted away.   Nature prevailed, freedom reigned and the answers came.  Endorphins are magical.

Thank you God that I found this drug called running first.

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