Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divine space

"Sometimes you just need a break, in a beautiful place alone to figure everything out."
David Wolfe

I knew what this trip was all about from the moment I was packed in like a sardine on the airplane.

Nervous tears welled in my eyes as I sat sandwiched between the agitated  couple who made the flight just in time to my left, and the woman fidgeting in a menopausal swelter to the right.  Claustrophobic panic grabbed my throat as it became all to clear that I need distance.  Room to think for myself.  To step literally and figuratively out of the box.  To free myself from electronic slavery and dust the cobwebs off of my creativity.
To move, to play, to breathe.

I cannot afford this trip.....yet I cannot afford not to take it either.
Despite my wanderlust I have not traveled out of Texas in over a year, so in what Elizabeth Gilbert describes as a "crushing sense of self protection," I booked this weekend in an effort to "negotiate my own life."
The on and off again relationship's light switch had been flipped down once again and the mountains were calling.  Airline miles, a $50 a night guesthouse and a little bit of well-timed of extra income would soon land me in Charlottesville, VA a place that felt instantly like home on my one and only previous visit.

The woman next to me snores thunderously. I close my eyes in frustration, pondering why in this world that craves constant interaction, I have the merciless need to run away.  I meditate in my seat- the space that I am in- and send gratitude to the universe that at least I am on this plane, in this humble spot.
And that's the moment  that I realize that I AM space.
My spirit seeps out in infinite space.  My big, fat soul has so much more to offer than what I have been giving lately.  I am not destined to be confined by another or trampled by the mindless herds.
I am energetic.  I am strong.  I am free.
I'm in love with this journey already.
Perhaps tomorrow God will show me a bit more of my divinity on this earth.

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