Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear Life.....I want to be happy just like I am tonight

Dear Life-

I want to be happy, just like I am tonight.
I want to eat brie with honey while drinking crisp chardonnay.
I want to gasp at the crown of the mountain, not for lack of oxygen, but in utter awe of it's beauty.
I want to huddle up with my kids while watching a movie, eating butter drowned popcorn.

I want to sleep at the elbow of my love, breathing in the intoxicating scent at the back of his neck.
I want bubble baths and warm blankets and long kisses.
I want fresh cut flowers wrapped in paper and jalapeno chocolate with peanuts.

I want Italy, and Spain and Costa Rica;  Peru, Brazil and Patagonia.
Zion, Bryce Cannon and Leadville; Yellowstone, Yosemite and Jackson Hole.
I want to hold a big fat burger in my left hand and a hoppy beer in my right after a day on the slopes;
And to fall into bed exhausted after a day of adventure in the canyons.
I want finish lines.  All of them.  

I want to exhale anxiety and inhale blessing.
To bathe in security and wash away doubt
To Dance and sweat..  To Run and swim.
To sing too loudly so as to embarrass my kids.
To fall hard.  To get back up.

To Trust. To Trust. To Trust.
To trust that today and everyday
is always completely

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