Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Enough is enough

"Whatever makes you happy
 Whatever you want.
 I wish I was special.
 You're so fucking special.
 But I'm a creep."

If I worked out every day, fixed my boobs and wore 6 inch stilettos-
would you think I was pretty?

What if I made a million dollars, traveled the world debt free and never had to work again?
Would you be happy? 

I could climb the highest mountain, run the farthest and fastest, and do 100 pushups on one leg with one arm while chewing gum and singing Broadway tunes.
Would you awe at my strength and capability? 

If I strove to be the friendliest, brightest, most talented, kindest, the most encouraging, the star of the show. 
Would you say you want to be me? 

What will it take Jennifer- for you to be content? 
When will you ever be enough?

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