Friday, June 10, 2016

Zen and the art of day to day life

"The practice of Zen (as opposed to the study of Zen) is something  all together different:
to give yourself completely to each moment as it is......and trusting that there is something much deeper than reason and logic, and that if you follow it, you might just end up where you belong."
Jane Dobisz- One Hundred Days of Solitude

Something much deeper than logic: 
When you wipe the sleep off of your eyes, and  make your little peanut butter toast with no crust and coffee with real cream. 
When your child stumbles into the kitchen, calls you "mama" and gives you a hug.
A goodbye kiss from your love and a "Have a great day."
A greeting from a co-worker, a "thank you" and a "good job". 
The meeting with your client- a gift for hard work and dedication. 
To play in cool water, to run in dreadful heat.
The call - just to check in.
The moment your head hits the pillow
Your heart, with you- always beating.  Your breath, with you- consistent and smooth. 
Give yourself to each moment as it is, and you might just end up where you belong. 



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