Friday, October 7, 2016

What is your genius?

"You see, I believe that we are all capable of doing one thing better than any other person alive at this time in history."
Matthew Kelly

What is your genius? 
Do you know?  Are you too humble to say? 
Or maybe you are afraid that you are powerful beyond belief? 

I have a friend who is a genius at making everyone feel special.  She listens-  REALLY listens, and makes you believe that you are significant.  That you MATTER. 

Another friend is a genius at staying present.  He lives every day aware and with gratitude.  He knows that we live in a wonderful world, and that each moment is just as it should be.

I have a friend who is welcoming.  He takes pictures with everyone he runs with, and posts them on Facebook each week.  He never forgets a birthday.  You know when you are around him that he will accept you exactly as you are.  His love for humanity is endearing. 

Another friend is magic.  He shows you your power.  He pushes you to be your best, and accepts nothing less.  He is encouraging and loving.  He talks as much as he listens.  He believes in you, and thinks you are beautiful inside and out.

And there is that friend that is always there.  She's been through your shit with you, but she never questioned the choices you made.  She showed up- every single day, and she always texts to make sure you are ok. She doesn't judge or try to change you, she just loves. 

I know a school teacher who is a genius.  The kids hang on to her every word.  They participate in classroom activities with excited smiles on their faces.  They love her.  They would do anything for her.  They enjoy learning every single day. 

And I am a genius at inspiring others. I remind you who you are and what you are capable of.  I will climb the highest mountain or jump out of an airplane for you.  I work hard, but have fun.  I try new things, set new goals and put myself out there. I believe you can do or have anything that your heart desires, and I'll show you the way.  I am passionate for adventure and want you to be the best version of yourself every day. I learn from the life that I live, and in turn love the life I live.

Matthew Kelly says you'll know you've found your genius when "you experience feelings of joy and timelessness."  You'll be in the flow.  You'll be happy.  You'll be rocking it!

Come on- you know what your genius is!
Now live to be the best version of yourself. 
Amazing is not reserved for others.

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