Saturday, November 24, 2018

Celebrating nice moments

"Life is too short not to celebrate nice moments."
Jurgen Klopp

Finding myself always looking to the bigger picture, I feel I have been blind to the "nice" moments. 
And there are some REALLY nice moments.

Like when you let your dogs off of the leash,and they wander about enjoying the smell and feel of the trail- but they always come back when you call. 
Or when dinner and wine ends in a fit of giggles so uncontrollable that you can't catch your breath and your stomach hurts. 
Or when he waits in line with you in 35 degree weather with you for 20 min, just so you can get corn in a cup.

What if we all shared those "nice" moments more, and the sucky moments less?  I'm thinking perhaps we could really change the world. 

Who's in?

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