Thursday, September 26, 2013

Work hard, play harder

"Catch me if you can!" Tonisha yells, taunting the lanky boy closest to her while tagging him on the shoulder.  They both take off, hooting and hollering, because for the next 15 minutes they know they can abandon all work. 

I love watching my class at recess. The children romp together squealing and laughing.  They run until their faces are red and their braids are sweaty.  They pump their legs on the swing while dreaming of flying.  They climb to the highest peak of the jungle gym, and swing upside down on the monkey bars.  "Look at me Mrs. Kimble!" they shout, and I shower them with accolades.

Recess means freedom, and that's how my training feels to me- sweet recess! 
While I swim I can be a dolphin or a mermaid.  I can cross the English Channel or escape from Alcatraz.  When I run trails, I dance with fairies, and on the road I rival cheetahs.  
On the bike I'm speed racer, my legs burning with fire as I drive uphill.

"Catch me if you can skinny girl" the portly boy called during the bike portion of the Redman Tri. 
I pumped my legs harder on the uphill, passing him easily... only to be frustratingly caught again on the down hills.  "I told you I'd pass you" he jeered in a sing song voice.  "Don't worry" I called.  "I'll catch you on the run."  Cause that's how I roll. 

Yes, I work hard, but I play harder.  Run, bike and swim like a beast.  
And by the way, If you're beside me in spin class.......yes, we're racing, because for 1 hour, I am free. 

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