Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just sit down and enjoy the ride

"Back to Life, Back to Reality......"
Soul to Soul

As the plane takes off steadily toward the sky, my stomach aches with a sense of dread.  Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now....
Anticipated events are often followed by a period of letdown for me.  After the big race or a dreamy vacation, its easy to be blanketed by negative energy.  The apprehension affects not only my mental but also my physical being, and I become moody and tired.
But, other than just waiting for time to heal the hurt, how can we escape that post- bliss depression?  I believe the answer is to continuously evoke the FEELING which that incredible event created in our day to day lives.  If the vacation brought you peace and relaxation, then meditate at home.  If it brought you a sense of adventure, take a risk at work.  If it gave you a sense of youthful playfulness, then play tag with your kids.  We must create these situations in our everyday existence, for those are the feelings that our stargazer mind is searching for.  How can we love more?  How can we play more?  How can we become more ALIVE? 

First, I vow to grateful. I shout out how thankful I am for an amazing experience with my best friend who I love dearly.  I breathe in the memory of the dance that uplifted my spirits.  I drink in the laughter and song.    I meditate only on the wonderful feelings those memories gifted me. 

Then I act on that feeling.  I send it to others.  I text someone I care about and send a card.  I give a compliment and extra hugs.  I respond instead of reacting.  I trust instead of giving in to fear. 

Finally, I resolve to embrace the world just as it is. 
Pema Chodron says that "Everything we encounter, good and bad, pleasant and painful, is a means by which we can awaken further."  Life just is.  Let go of the struggle.  When we can relax and have a genuine and passionate relationship with uncertainly, everyday can become filled with the joy of vacation.  What if we decided just to sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride?


  1. Loved this post. I think it's honest and real, BUT I think you're just scratching the surface. I want more.

    I'm sharing a similar message in a Bible study that I'm leading. I recently told the group: "I'm convinced that contentment & gratitude are part of the foundation to live a bold and adventerous life. AND the only way to be happy in your own skin, and live with a grateful heart, is through intentional perspective."

    I'm not telling you anything you don't know, Ms. Jennifer. Obviously, by this post – you get it. (I could have simply written, "right on, sister.") But again, I want more. You're an amazing and strong influencer – with the ability to inspire others.

    The next "pieces" in my lesson are motives (why do we do what we do) and relational joy (investing in other people).

    I challenge you to not be passive and to stay intentional. Don't let go of the struggle, Jennifer, embrace it. (And whip it's butt!)

    LIke I always're a rock star!


  2. You are right DM- and not the only one to tell me so. I'm on it.