Sunday, January 26, 2014

God is hiding in the desert.

"I have climbed highest mountains.
I have run through the fields.  Only to be with you..."

Sometimes life blesses you with divine moments.  Experiences so profound that we truly begin to understand the God within each of us.  This weekend, wrapped in the giving arms of a mourning community, I was blanketed in unconditional love.  I witnessed God in action.

I grew up in the tradition of the church, but over the years have found myself creating a distance between my beliefs and the dogma of religion.
God is love.  Love is all you need.  Amen.

I've studied the religions of the world a bit and have come to understand the existing commonality that finds us all searching for our place in the universe; our ultimate source and infinite light.
But soul searching on a lonely path has left me void of the beautiful traditions held in church:
The story telling and  prayers; the music and praise; the sharing of doubt and the community of faith.

As I witnessed the angels of a Hispanic Catholic community uphold a fragile family facing loss, I was touched by the heritage and tradition.  I tasted fruits of generosity and drank in flowing kindness.
And I became satisfyingly full in the grace of God.

Confined mostly to the Mojave desert, the Joshua Tree was so named by the Mormons believing that the tree resembled Joshua himself reaching up his hands in prayer.  The high desert with its mystic plants, arid mountains and tenacious people reminded me that we are not alone in our spiritual journey.  We need each other, and like the Joshua tree, our roots extend deep in love to ensure our survival.

I too raise my arms in thanks to the desert for reminding me that when we hold hands, our energy becomes stronger.  Enveloped in each other's love, God is manifested in us.


  1. Great thoughts, Jenn. I love reading your beautiful, thoughtful posts.

  2. Deep soul filling thoughts. ..I too, enjoy reading your posts....keep on keeping on! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  3. I love reading your stuff. I don't say a lot at 5am when I see you, but it's mostly bc I am in quiet awe of you. Keep raising those arms, lovely!!