Sunday, January 10, 2016

I DNF'd (and the world didn't end)

"Hubris caused the downfall of many a Greek hero"
Tony Hsieh

About 6 weeks ago I found myself  eating the sidewalk after rolling my ankle.  Yesterday I found myself eating the rocks after rolling it again at Bandera.  It hurt like a mother fucker, and after my recent news of getting into Leadville 100 I panicked a bit and decided to call the race at mile 15.  I do wonder if it was the right decision  (for my head, not for my body), but decided that being able to train is the most important thing right now- after all, this was not an "A" race.
I would have told any client of mine to do the same.

I'll admit, I threw a short pity party for myself, but guess what?  The sun still set that evening and rose the next day,  and in between those moments the trip gifted me
Burgers and beers
Sleeping in and shopping
Mariachis and margaritas
Art and the Alamo
Love and light

I smiled a lot this weekend, and walked away from the hill country on my own two feet.

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  1. wisdom and grace -- two of your many wonderful qualities my friend.