Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Almost 10 lbs happier

"Extremes are easy.  Strive for balance."
Colin Wright

In May of 2015- the week before Ironman Texas, I weighed 122 pounds and had 8% body fat.

I was perhaps in the best "shape" of my life; yet I had a hunger that never quelled, and a thirst that was never quenched.  Loneliness bore a hole in my heart as 9 months of my life was spent waking up before sunrise to train, working 9 hour days, training more, getting very little sleep, and repeating .....
AKA "Groundhog Day".

Training became my second job, and I'm horrified to admit the selfishness that ensued.
Many days were spent running away from pain, but the "bad ass" status that I had reached with my friends fueled my ego.
I finished that Ironman feeling empty and unsatisfied.

Today, a year and a half later, I am 131 and 13% body fat. 
I spend more time with loved ones, and  I've really started to "show up" for work.  Friday night happy hour is spent with friends instead of doing laborious hill repeats on the treadmill. 
I train a little less, give back a whole lot more, and smile much more often. 

Sometimes I work out, and sometimes I go get cheeseburgers with the kids.
I swim, I bike, I run.
I read, go on sushi dates, and revel in intelligent conversation.

I've gained so much this year- almost 10 lbs. towards a healthy and balanced life.
10 lbs of happiness.


  1. LOVE reading this and knowing that you're working toward balance. Life and training should co-exist.