Sunday, December 11, 2016

Because you're already there

"Be where you are- because you're already there." 

I did not run the Dallas marathon today.  I didn't even run the half marathon today.
But I did run 8 miles at a 10:30 pace without stopping, feeling extremely grateful for each pain free mile, and relieved that running is starting to feel kind of GOOD again. 

Its funny how your brain works when you run, how you can draw on things from your past that you haven't thought of in years.  Today, the quote that popped in my head was "Be where you are- because you're already there." 
Now, I pretty much heard this quote 3 times a week when my kids were little.  I can barely remember the shirtless, long haired yoga guru on the exercise video, but I do remember thinking how ridiculous it sounded when he would sink into warrior pose instructing us to "be where we are".  The pose hurt a little, and he'd make us hold it for like 3 minutes, and in all honestly it just made me grouchy to "be there".

This morning  I felt a pang of jealousy thinking of my friends who were running half and full marathons.  At mile 6, I didn't like where I was....legs starting to feel heavy, wanting a walk break, "only" running 8 miles today.  But I realized- that's where I am. 
Four weeks ago I was only running about 4 miles at a time with walk breaks.  That's where I was.  And where I will be in 6 months from now will be where I am 6 months from now. 

Today, I am a runner. 
How cool that I'm already there. 

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