Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding balance

"You can clean around the wound
But if you want it to heal,
It just takes time.
And you can call up to the moon
But if you want something to change
You gotta change your life
And take your time"

Future Islands- Balance

"Mom, you need more food in this house..." my daughter pleaded, forlornly looking into the abyss of the refrigerator.  I promised her I would go shopping after my run. 

It was a cool and sunny day during my spring break.  I had my cute skirt and my inov-8's on.  My tunes were crankin' and I was still beaming from a recent exchange with my boyfriend.
Life was good.....but as I started running, I realized that my legs were TRASHED from yesterday's ride.  
Not in the tired, heavy "I'll be fine in a few miles" kind of way....but more like a sore and tender "I could fall down like a new born fawn any minute" kind of way.  I walked a little bit and tried bueno.  Not gonna happen today. 

I decided to walk mindfully through the woods, absorbing the change of season.  I turned off my phone and spent the time singing and thinking.
 After an hour I headed back to my car and went straight to the grocery store where I bought nutrient rich foods to rebuild my body, so I could in turn savor the time rebuilding my soul with my kids.