Sunday, June 21, 2015

Because someday I will no longer run.

"No day but today" 
Jonathan Larson- Rent

The humidity covered me in a wet blanket as I headed out to run, but today, instead of pushing it away in anger and disgust, I embraced its warm moisture.  A sweaty slow run seems a small price to pay for the nourishment of this Earth that we depend on for life.  I slowed my pace, noticing vibrant green plants, blooming wildflowers and smiling faces; for someday I will no longer see.

I ran as hard as I could up the hill that I always dread, stopping at the top to appreciate the strong pounding muscle that is my heart; because some day it will no longer beat.

I allowed my lungs to burn for a second, feeling their almighty, life giving power; because some day I will no longer breathe.

I turned off my watch, allowing my legs to run the playful pace they wanted to; because someday I won't be able to run.

And as I settled in to a perfect rhythmic breath, becoming one with the Universe, she whispered to me-
"All of that is true..........but you will never die."

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