Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finding everything in nothing

"Today I don't feel like doing anything...."
Bruno Mars

Today I didn't do anything.
Well, ok...that's not exactly true...but compared to the busyness that usually fills my days, I didn't do much.

Ever since my friend Mike died on November 5 four years ago, this day has brought me unexpected rest and reflection.  Two years ago I spent the day with an IV in my arm at the hospital.  Luckily this year only brought me a rainy day and a strained hamstring.

Today I had a massage, took a nap, and read a book.  I meditated, fantasized about traveling to Bryce Canyon and watched tv with my kids.  I made a quiche and had a glass of chardonnay.  That's it.  Time for bed.

No shoe fittings.
No two-a-day workouts.
No phone calls to new clients.

Feelings of guilt tried to creep in- but my soul immediately shushed them as it crawled back into my being.
One day a year.
Thanks Mike....miss ya bud.

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