Sunday, April 13, 2014

Things are looking up

"I howled at the moon with friends
And then the sun came crashing in
But all the possibilities
No limits just epiphanies
 American Authors

I knew this was going to be a "put your head down" kind of race.  So I did.  For about 22 miles my eyes discerned only the ground.  My view?  Irksome sand, jagged rock and wearisome feet.  I drudged through the monotony.  I was getting it done.
Around mile 22 I was forced to slow down for a sharp turn on a cliff.  The trees opened and I was blessed with the most amazing view of blue skies over calm lake waters.  I stopped running and looked up; and as I drank in the view my race changed.  I relaxed in the surrounding beauty as awareness unfolded in the energy of the sun, the whisper of a breeze and the spirit of a deer. 

I find myself too often in life "putting my head down and just getting it done," and frankly the muscles in my neck are tired of the strain.  I bet if I pick my head up and look towards the sun- it will still be shining as though I never looked away.